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My Programs

Find Your Light

Virtual 3 Months

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Assess your goals and imbalances
Set goals specific to your needs
Check-in weekly
Bi-weekly meetings to adjust goals
Reassess imbalances and plan for the future


Intuitive Eating & Empowerment

Virtual 3 Months
Group Coaching 
2 Coach Program ft. Jess Procter

Eat awesome foods without guilt
Learn to listen to innate wisdom
Determine foods that feel good for YOU
Work to achieve body respect
Find movement that is energizing


When I was feeling my worst, Deanna really got me on track to managing and working through some of the issues I was having. Throughout  her 6 week program, she set me up with attainable goals, not only for my physical health, but also my mental health. I started feeling better almost immediately."

- Kaitlin

“Find Your Light”  - Virtual 3 Month Program

You're always gassy and bloated, you haven't had a good night's sleep in months and your periods hit you like a wrecking ball every month. You have tried a couple of things, but nothing seems to work long-term and you are confused where to turn next. 

If you don't take action now, your next period may just be the death of you, and you might need to buy up the entire country's supply of Tums, Advil, and toilet paper. This discomfort is creeping over into your confidence, and you don't want it to take over. 

You can imagine a day where you wake up refreshed from a good night's sleep, go downstairs and eat your favourite breakfast without a stomach ache or guilt, and your emotions are in check.

This is possible. We can get you feeling good by ADDING things into your live, instead of restricting everything. The time is now!




Intuitive Eating and Empowerment! 

Nourish your body, Empower your mind, Feed your soul

You are feeling blah and want some support with your nutrition and goals, but the last thing you want to do is another restrictive diet. You have tried them all... TWICE and they only last about a month. On top of that, your body image is in the dumps, but you don't know where to turn.

You imagine that if you don't ask for help now, your mental health will be garbage by time spring rolls around. Every time you look in the mirror, you keep feeling worse and worse about your body and this is impacting your love life and your overall confidence. 

Do this sound like you? If you are nodding along...

Enter the Intuitive Eating and Empowerment program!! This program is ran by two Registered Holistic Nutritionists who realize the dangers of the diet industry. We have both been in your exact position, and want to teach you EVERYTHING we have learned over the past 3 years in our intuitive eating journeys. 

I was going to the bathroom 10+ times a day, kept TP in my car for emergencies and just stopped going out completely... I had no energy or drive to do anything. Results came pretty fast for me, I noticed having more energy within a few weeks and slowly stopped going to the bathroom all day every day (I no longer need my emergency bum wipe in my car). I’m getting out now with friends and family and being more and more active! My periods just sneak right up on me with almost ZERO pain and NO fainting or dizzy spells. Oh and I  LOVE FOOD AGAIN!

I am no longer obsessed about food (when to eat it, what I'm eating, what is next). I have been successfully working to remove the pedestal from certain foods, and just eat what I want to eat, and what makes me feel good.

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