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Weekly Goals / Tasks

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Free Phone Consultation (20 mins)

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CrossFit / HIIT / Weight Training

When I was feeling my worst ,Deanna really got me on track to managing and working through some of the issues I was having. Throughout  her 6 week program, she set me up with attainable goals, not only for my physical health, but also my mental health. I started feeling better almost immediately, and through her support and guidance, I have made great progress. Dea is an honest, respectful and easy to talk to person, who you feel like you could tell anything to. She genuinely cares about her clients and the way that they feel. Through her kind and motivating words, Dea makes it her mission to help you be the best version of yourself, and I cannot wait to work with her in the future!!

- Kaitlin

“Find Your Light”  - Virtual 6 Week Program

What it includes:

1 Initial visit (60-90 minutes). In this visit we will review your in-depth health questionnaires and discuss any potential imbalances in your body. From there, we will have a conversation about your goals, current diet/lifestyle/exercise routine, stress levels and more! By the end of the meeting, we will come up with 3 goals TOGETHER for you to accomplish that week. They will relate back to both your imbalances and your goals. As I am a holistic nutritionist, these goals may be anything to do with my Four Pillars of Health: Body, Mind, Movement, or Sunshine. They could include anything from drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eating greens 2x/day, doing 2 minutes of stretching before bed, or shutting off screens at nighttime. Small changes equal big results. 


5 weekly follow-up appointments:

During the follow-up appointments, we will discuss what worked and didn’t work each week. Not every week will be perfect, and that’s more than ok! We will tweak your goals to completely new ones, or add something, for the following week. 


The idea of doing weekly follow-up appointments isn’t to shame you for not completing your tasks; Rather, challenge you to support yourself, the best way you can. Because, believe it or not, YOU know the most about your own body. I will not ever give you a goal that is completely unrealistic. We will always pick them together. The beauty of 6 weeks is that we can chip away at your goals and make them achievable, every.single.time. 


After each session, you will receive an email from me with your goals for the week. This email will also include any additional resources I find helpful. This may be nutrients to focus on, and the foods to find them in, supplement recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, recipes, journal prompts, or a host of other things. These emails will be specific to YOU and your needs. 


On the final appointment, we will discuss where you see this journey taking you. Now that I have helped you light the spark, I hope that you can find your light and continue to shine. To do this, we will make a game plan that will last. One that is sustainable, achievable and effective, because you deserve to shine! By the end, my hope is that you will feel like you can continue on without my weekly support. You will have 6 emails from me full of resources, and you have started the work. It is time to shine your radiant light, and strive for life-long goals! 


Personal Training 

*Virtual available for Discounted Rate*

Although I am an R.H.N., a huge part of my heart will forever be dedicated to movement! As an ex-competitive dancer/recreational rugby player, and current yogi/CrossFit athlete, I have tried, and fallen in love with many forms of movement. I am fickle when it comes to modalities of movement.


I do not believe that there is a “best” way to move. There is just movement, and movement is magic. During the past 2 years, I have worked at 4 gym locations and coached over 1500 people! I have dabbled in coaching CrossFit, Strength, Sweat, Fundamentals, HIIT, Spin, CrossFit Gymnastics, Mobility and more! I have found joy in everything, and because of this, I work with my clients to decide on their individualized goals.


Want to work on mobility/flowy movement? AMAZING! Want to squat 200 pounds? AMAZING! Only want to do bodyweight workouts? AMAZZZING! Shaming forms of exercise is not helpful to anyone. In a world where people need to move after sitting in their desk all day, I am happy to accommodate any variation! Let’s get movin’ and groovin’! (Yes, there will be dancing...mostly me, but you can join).

Are you interested in working with me, but are not sure in what context? I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation. I would LOVE to chat with you and speak about your goals, interests, and hobbies! Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!  

Deanna is nothing but a ray of sunshine even at 5 am in the morning (lol). She brings the enthusiasm and motivation at all her sessions and is always laughing with you. She is very personable with all her clients and makes every workout a happy place even if you are dreading your workout. She is the most caring and humble trainer I have had!

- Brooke

Deanna was just what I needed to get over my fear of heavy lifting. In group classes I often just go with what everyone else is doing rather than push myself, but Deanna knew I had more in me and encouraged me to grab the heavier weight, do the extra rep or even do another round and it was so worth it. Thanks Dea for the challenge, encouragement and sweat!!

- Laura

Deanna is super easy to talk to and has always encouraged a safe environment to be open & honest. Her body positivity is as inspiring as her energy is infectious. [She] has always shown enthusiasm towards both honing (and owning) her craft as well as developing her weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

- Devon

Dea, an all-round great person, is just a joy to work with. What I loved about the program is that there is no shaming and that Dea's goal is to work with you to create a better you! The energy gained by making adjustments to my lifestyle and diet is remarkable. Would highly recommend working with Dea.