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A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That: Get to Know Me

Get to know me a little better.

Here's some things that make me, me!

  • I am a CrossFit coach and have been for 4 years now. This made starting a coaching business a lot more seamless.

  • I consistently take new courses. I went to Western University and then Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. From there, I have been taking really cool certs, such as Enlifted (a mindset and language-based program).

  • I grew up as a dancer, so I enjoy being a performer and entertainer online, with friends, and with my clients.

  • My MD diagnosed me with ADHD this year. This explains why I love to try new things all the time. For more info on my journey, I have other blogs about this.

  • Travelling, drinking coffee, being outside in the sun, and having deep conversations are my favourite things to do!

Here's why my business is different:

  • I have been where you are. I struggled with disordered eating for YEARS. My journey out of it gave me so, so many tools I now get to share.

  • Vitamin Dea Nutrition combines nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. It's like having a nutritionist and a life-coach at once.

  • I help you get to the root of your issues vs. giving you a plan and sending you on your way

  • I then help you clear old mental processing and experiences, so you can move on and thrive

  • I pay attention to the words you use, and assist you in making your language more empowering. Because our words affect our thoughts, emotions and actions.

  • I use a variety of tools for my clients, because everyone learns differently. I use group calls, 1:1 calls, live exercises, visuals, worksheets, self-guided homework, goal-setting, journalling, group chats and more!

If I seem like I would be a good fit for you and your needs, please check out The Glow Project page for more information on what I can offer, or send me an email

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