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ADHD Journey: Part 1

Oh boy... what a wild ride.

I have had many spirals about whether or not I should be on ADHD medication... like, many.

My thoughts go something like this:

"what if I don't even haaaaave ADHD?"

"maybe I should wait to see a Psychiatrist"

"what if I get addicted to the euphoric feeling, and start an unhealthy relationship with drugs."

As I saw myself spiralling into a rabbit hole... what iffing the bad sh*t, I tried journalling it out. I tried talking to my friend who works in the field, and who is on this medication too. I tried writing out all of my options.

It all helped.

However, what was most helpful, was talking to my Psychotherapist.

She was able to answer my questions about how the drugs, and further diagnosis work. She was able to calm me down. And I realized here, and a couple of other times during spirals, that this is so related to my disordered eating.

I have wanted to, and still want to be *perfectly healthy*... whatever the f^ck that means.

I barely ever touch Advil, cough medicine, or any other medication, that is not natural. Because there is always a "healthier way."

And yes, that may be true. And yes, I still like to do things as naturally as I can... but, sometimes you need the effing Advil. And like food, having one synthetic thing, ain't gunna kill ya.

And if I am being honest, I think I do better with the ADHD meds too (at least temporarily in the morning, before they wear off. I am going to slowly up my dose with my MD).

You know what both getting a Psychotherapist and taking meds have in common?

They help you solve your problem faster, and more efficiently.

First, I had to admit I had a problem with disordered eating. Now, I need to admit I have a problem with concentration.

It's a tough pill to swollow - literally.

But for now, that's where I am at. And it's all going to be ok, because I am in the right hands.

If you are struggling with anything right now, I bet there is a coach to help you with just that! Dr. Google can only go so far. A coach/professional can take you so much farther (and faster too).

Admit you have a problem. Reach out. Get the help you need. Experiment.

If your problem happens to be with your body-image, nutrition habits, or your mindset, please send me an email. I would be happy to give you some free guidance

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