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ADHD: The Start of Something

Well, hello there...

My name is Deanna, but people call me Dea. My business is called Vitamin Dea, and my brain is referred to as ADH-Dea ;). For a year now, I have realized something was funky with my brain. (At first I typed "wrong," but I want you [and me] to know, it is not wrong, it's different).

I started listening to podcasts about women and adults with ADHD. This is what helped me realize that I am neurodivergent... pretty dope, eh? Kinda like Shailene Woodley in the Divergent books/movies. I am so special!

I suppose these things I do are abnormal - Getting up every 20 minutes while working, having little piles of "organized chaos" everywhere (and I mean everywhere), struggling to keep things clean, being 5 mins late for everything, forgetting everything unless I write it down, starting 100 projects, but failing to finish them, excessively putting off any job that is tedious/boring, and feeling stressed when I have to stay seated too long.

I used to convinced myself that this was because I was lazy, unmotivated and unorganized. Though I KNEW this was not true, because when it came to creative tasks and dreaming, I was all over it.

Here's a cool example of how this symptoms can show up in my life. I will be writing a blog post like this one right here, and mid-go, I will start writing an email, answer a phone call, and end up changing the laundry... Forgetting what I was even doing in the first place.

This gets overwhelming as a business owner. Once I saw it, it is been impossible to unsee it. Since I am dependant on my own brain to get things done, it is important that I... well, get things done. And, without deadlines, I struggle immensely. I do better with a timeline, and plan that can be slightly flexible (and always have).

It's all honestly, very eye-opening.

What a great thing to get to know myself so deeply, and reflect back on my (very chatty) childhood.

So, once I accepted this part of me, I started to look into ways to help. I was VERRRRYYYYYY hesitant to try medication. As someone who is very holistic in most things in life, I worry about pharmaceuticals and their impact on me. Especially after having a tough experience coming off birth control. You can read that blog, here.

I began to ask friends who have gone on, and come off different medications - Adderall, Concerta, and Vyvanse. How did it impact them? Did it make a difference? What were their side effects? How long did it take to work/get used to? Etc.

I started listening to podcasts, talking to my therapist (who also has ADHD), and journalling my thoughts on the situation. Pretty thorough for someone with impulse issues, eh (another symptom)? ;)

After all of this, I decided it was best for me to try a medication. I figured... I can come off after 1 day... I can control my dose... and I am in charge of my health (no one else).

So today, I took my first little pink pill. At least, I think it was pink. As I go to look for it to verify, I already don't know where I put the bottle... lol. Ironic, asking someone with ADHD to not lose their meds AND remember to take one everyday! Shit.

And here we are - Day 1.

So far, I feel ok. My workout this morning felt a bit rough. My heart-rate was very high even when I wasn't trying too hard. This can also be because I am days away from my period, and I was doing a conditioning workout. It is something to keep my eye on though, as this medication is a stimulant. I also started cleaning my house when I got home, which is rare haha. I had to force myself to stop, so I could go to a cafe and work.

Overall, so far, so good. My appetite seems pretty normal. It may be a BIIIIIIT diminished, but I am someone who is always hungry, so I still feel those symptoms/reminders to eat at this dose. In fact, I am going to eat after I post this, because my tummy is starting to growl thinking about it.

I want to keep this blog up-to-date on how I am feeling for 2 reasons:

  1. To keep track of my symptoms

  2. To help those who are experiencing similar things

However, it's a new project, so we will see if I can commit to it, heheh.

Let's have a very open, honest conversation about medication, symptoms, and more. This is. a judgement free zone.

If you gotten this far, and want to chat about this, my DM's are always open. You can also email me at

To clarify, this is not intended as medical advice. Before you self-diagnose based on my symptoms, please consult your family physician.

Here goes something!! I'll keep you posted. (ADH) Dea

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