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Bad Body Image Day? Try this!

Bad body image days come and go.

We are never going to be perfect, or completely void of negative thoughts. So, when these thoughts come up, see if you can try some of these tips.

Things to do:

  1. deep breaths

  2. express gratitude

  3. journal your thoughts

  4. share with a friend

  5. meditate

  6. move gently

  7. positive affirmations

  8. wear loose clothing

  9. get dressed and ready for the day

Things to avoid:

  1. restricting food intake

  2. overexercising

  3. suffering in silence

  4. using an all-or-nothing mindset

  5. falling into old patterns

  6. ignoring your feelings

  7. trying to squeeze into tight clothing

Things to ask myself:

-what may have triggered these thoughts?

-where am I in my menstrual cycle? (is this cyclical?)

-what can I do for the next 5 mins, to feel better?

Things to tell myself:

-1 thing I like about my body (in the mirror)

-1 thing I like about my personality (in the mirror)

-"my body does not equal my worth"

Journal prompts:

-what makes me feel like my highest self?

-why is my body size so important to me?

-what are 3 beautiful things about me?

-what are 3 things I am grateful for?

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