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From "Hot Girl Summer" to "Hot Mess" in 1 Second

Why is that that when you feel like hot shit, you always see a picture of yourself looking like an absolute thumb?

Nothing ruins my self-confidence like seeing a picture I look “bad” in.

I recently went on a 12 day vacation with 30 strangers to Israel. When I left Toronto, I felt pretty good about myself and my body.

But, I was surrounded by people taking pictures 24/7 and from every angle. Like… every angle. WHYYYY? What a way to challenge all the body image work I have done over the past few years.

It’s like when you go to take a picture of your dog being cute, and it’s accidentally on front camera. YIKESSSS!

Has this ever happened to you?

You look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, and then you get a picture taken of you, and you want to shrivel up into a ball?

Old thoughts come rushing in - “I need to go on a diet.” “I need to cut x food.” “I should workout more.” Etc. Etc.

Well, I am here to set you straight.

This happens to the majority of us.

Just like a sunset, and the stars in the sky - your beauty cannot always be seen in every photo.

Your shine may not always be highlighted.

And for the record, your role in this world is not solely to be “beautiful.”

So, get your ass out there and be present.

A photo can be deleted, but the good memories are meant to last!!

And, hot tip: if you want a good photo, take it yourself! Nothing wrong with a good ole’ selfie.

May you find peace in your body.

If you want to talk more about this and want resources to support you, please send me an email or a dm on Instagram @vitamin.dea

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