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Happy Anniversary to Me!!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

9 Main things I have learned from 2 years in business

1. Business ebs and flows.

Business is not always going to be BOOMING, and that’s ok. Less clients does not mean you are a failure. More clients does not mean you are a winner. Your worth is not based on your income or your amount of clients.

2. You will learn from mistakes as much as wins.

Like anyone, I have made some moves that I wouldn’t make again. The gut feeling you get when something is not aligned, is even stronger than the relaxed feeling when things are flowing. Listen to your gut.

3. You are your everything… literally

You are your own admin, social media expert, accountant, graphic designer, boss, cheerleader, and more. When you can hire out, do it. Until then, use YouTube and Google as your experts. You are there when you have huge wins and huge falls. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Your mental health is your most important asset and teammate.

When I first started my business during Covid, my mental health was poop. I didn’t know what to do to get clients, and was constantly “on.” There was 0 “off” switch for my work, and very little routine in my day. The best thing I ever did for myself was hire a coach.

5. Systems are crucial.

Besides taking care of my headspace, the most important thing I learned from my coaches was to create systems. At the beginning, I was sending invoices that I designed on Canva, and was accepting e-transfers. Using Square has been amazing. Also, an online booking page like Calendly saves me from large mix-ups and wasted time! Take the time to automate as many things as possible.

6. Find a community.

It may feel annoying at first to ask other entrepreneurs questions when you are getting started, but the right ones will be there to help you out. Find at least 1 person who is in your field, and ask them to introduce you to their network. Feeling supported, and asking questions has been massive for me!

7. Take messy action.

Business is a fun game and experiment. No one knows what they are doing 100% of the time. The successful people who you see online, have taken risks. Take a leap, and wait for the parachute to appear. Getting stuck in perfectionism gets you nowhere.

8. Stick with it.

The only non-option is quitting. Try everything else at least once. Blogging? Podcasting? Group programs? 1:1 coaching? Challenges? Try it all. See what sticks. Getting your message out there is what matters - the medium is less important.

9. Have fun.

The rest doesn't matter if you aren't having fun. Laugh with yourself. Play. Breathe.

I am super excited to keep experimenting!! If you have any questions about starting a business or keeping up with one, I am always here to chat <3.

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