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I dieted and exercised my period away!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Seems like a good problem to have right?


When I was in my early 20's, I suffered from amenorrhea.

I blamed the fact that I came off birth control, but in all honesty, the problems started before I even came off of the pill.

It all started with irregular periods. Aunt Flo was coming at weird times, and sometimes I would get her more than once a month.

I decided I would go off the pill, to see if I could regulate my period in a few months. Except... I didn't even see a drop of blood come back until 1.5 years later.

During this time, I was working out extremely hard (many times 2x/day), counting macros, and eating a vegan diet - desperately hoping to lose weight.

After a year in Australia with TERRIBLE energy levels, an awful body image, and almost no sex drive, I decided to ask for help.

I worked with a Naturopath who put me on hundreds of dollars of pills every month. She also did acupuncture on my ovaries and pituitary, and told me to chill at the gym. I didn't listen to the gym part too well, but I did reduce it a little bit.

I decided to start listening to my body, and eat some non-vegan foods that I had been craving for months. With this, I also started seed cycling.

The combination of all of these things finally worked!!! I got my period back, but it took another 6 months to regulate.

This is not an instructional blog about how to get your period back, BUT it does go to show that if you have lost your period, and are confused why... look into it.

There are many other reasons that your period could be irregular. Other reasons could be Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Post-Birth Control Syndrome.

A normal cycle length is 21-35 days. If this isn't happening for you, please send me a message today.

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