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Lessons I Learned from a Clogged Toilet

The other day, my friend came over to bring me a surprise! Let's call her "Sarah."

She told me I had to wait to open the gift, because she had to poo first.

I headed downstairs and was patiently waiting on the couch, when I get a call from her, "ummm... do you have a plunger?!" To which I replied, "Oh sh*t, nope!"

Below are the lessons I learned from this experience:

1. To be an adult, you need a few things in your house.

A plunger is one of those things. Other honourable mentions are can openers, corkscrews, and coffeemakers. *If you own a coffeemaker, you really need that plunger.* Coffee drinkers... you know what I mean.

2. Life doesn't always happen the way we think it "should."

"Sarah" was trying to do something nice for me when she clogged my toilet. So instead of just a HomeSense gift, I also got a bunch of laughs, and a good story out of it. She was trying to be cute, but the universe had other plans.

3. Lighten up + Release! Both through your bowels and your heart.

If you are still reading this, you probably don't take things too seriously. Keep it up! If you can't joke about poop with your friends (or in my case strangers), are you truly livin'?

4. Don't panic!!!

Take a deep breath (even if it smells in there), before doing anything rash, like using the toilet bowl cleaner as a plunger. *I wish I was kidding.* However, in her defence, I wasn't a true adult with a plunger at that time.

So yes, to wrap this up in toilet paper, we did go get a plunger. Shoutout to Home Hardware.

I think I am officially an adult with a house and the essentials... Until the next story when we run out of toilet paper or burn our eyebrows off on the barbecue.

Stay tuned for those stories.

And well... I don't know if this blog has any use for my readers, but like they say, "it's better out than in!"

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