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Lost in the wilderness without a lifeline

Six months ago, I was a scrappy jungle woman trapped on a dessert island.

Or at least it felt like that...

My nutrition business was six months old, and I was hacking away at the weeds, along the path to a beautiful, majestic river.

The river was where I had always wanted to be - working with clients, and doing the thing!

In theory, I knew what I had to do to be successful. I had access to Google after-all.

Eventually, I got to the water, after tripping over many sticks and stones along the way.

I was so excited, that I dove in headfirst.

My hard work had finally gotten me here! I had clients, and I was paddling along just fine. I was moving throughout the sometimes murky waters of entrepreneurship, without any assistance. This had to be it, right?

I was extremely tired, paddling day and night, but this was what I had worked so hard towards. I should have been grateful... right?

One day, after a particularly hard day of swimming, I saw a potential lifeline when my friend Mia Harris (The Strength Girl) , posted her business coach (Maverick Coaching Academy) on Instagram. This peaked my interest, but I was hesitant. I didn't need help, did I?

I hopped out of the water, to explain to Gavin, that I was continuously keeping my head above water, but it was leaving me breathless and isolated.

He offered me a red buoy to float down the water on. It came with the option to have other people by my side, BUT it was going to cost me every single dollar in my bank account.

Of course, I was nervous to invest, but I figured why go twice as slow upstream, when you could go downstream with others?

What was there to lose? I was doing a marathon swim, while others were tubing, and having fun in the same waters.

I yearned to worry less, and have more fun, so I committed to receiving help on my journey.

After our talk, I wondered how Gavin had gotten to the water without many visible scrapes. When I looked up, I realized that there was a paved path all along - 3km down from where I stumbled in.

It had been paved from all of the people who walked this path before me. I am not alone. I was never alone. I just chose the slower, less efficient path.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because, I understand what it feels like to know you CAN do everything by yourself. In theory, you absolutely can... BUT, if you want to get into the water and start swimming towards your goals, there is always an easier route.

I may still paddle hard some days, but I am now going downstream with a beautiful red lifeline, and friends by my side for support.

It may seem like you are alone, but there are coaches out there for a reason. We are here to help you along the way.

It may seem to cost a pretty penny at first, but the experience is invaluable.

I have never, and will never regret investing in myself.

You can find nutrition information online. You can even figure out Intuitive Eating and on your own. But, what if you just raised your hand and asked for a red buoy?

Would you drown, or would you float?

If you are willing to find out, check out my programs for more information.

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