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Quitters Day

Welcome to the second Friday of January, or as some call it - QuItTerS dAy!!!!

Your New Year's Resolution is going STRONG the first week. You are an organized human on FIRE. The second week, things start to get tough, but on Monday you are back on track.

As the week drags on, things get more complicated. Life pops up. Kids, work emergencies, fatigue, lack of motivation, etc. etc.

Aaaaaand by Friday you are OVER IT. Your negative inner critic comes in and says, "See, I told you you couldn't do it. You're a loser. Just give up."

This negativity spirrrrrralzzzzz.

So, I ask you - why did you quit?

  1. Your goal seemed too large

  2. You spoke to yourself negatively

  3. You didn't know your why

  4. Your action plan was wishy washy at best

  5. You didn't prioritize it

  6. You had no accountability

  7. Other

Once you know why your goals keep failing, use that awareness to help you.

So, here's 3 things you can do to make it stick.

  1. Make it easy

  2. Make it obvious

  3. Make it attractive

These 3 things are written by James Clear in the book Atomic Habits.

Let me give you an example - You want to get stronger this year.

Before you get rolling with the 3 things above, be SPECIFIC and know your why.

"I am going to hit a 300# deadlift this year.... BECCCCAUSE it will make me feel strong and prove that I have gained muscle. This will help my confidence and boost my mood."

Ok, so make it easy: You join a gym that is close to your house or on your way home from work. You either hire or a coach, or pick a realistic amount of days to go/week. This is something you will do even on your toughest weeks. If you're tempted to say 5x, and really you'll likely only hit 3, put "3 or more." If you hit more, that's a BONUS. This will keep you mentally going, so you feel like a success. When you are consistently hitting 3, bump that number up.

Make it obvious: Put your gym clothes out on your floor, or in the front seat of your car, so you will see them on the days you plan to go to the gym. Set reminders on your phone. Do anything to make it clear that you are going!

Make it attractive: Track every session in a way that is satisfying for you. This can be pen and paper, on an app, or putting marbles in a jar (ANYTHING). With that you can bribe yourself. If you hit your commitment goal 6 months in, maybe you buy a new pair of shoes!

There are many ways to get your goals done. So be specific, know your way, and make it easy on yourself while you are getting started. Rome wasn't built in a day!

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