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Size Doesn't Matter!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

I used to have a certain size I didn't want to hit.

You know, that one pant size that if you hit it, you will feel like a failure?

Well, I have now hit it, plus one size.

And guess, what? I didn't explode, become unhealthy or magically turn into an unlovable human.

So let me tell you a story.

This week, I went Christmas shopping for jeans... YIKEEESSSS, jean shopping, I know!

I went into American Eagle and tried on literally 20 pairs of jeans (I wish I was kidding). I was almost sweating doing a million squats and single legged jumps to get them on and off.

I finally found a pair that fit well. You know, the pair that cups your butt right, fits your thighs and doesn't have a gap at the waist? THE jeans for the season. WOOO, I did it.

So, I tried to get them in a different wash.

The lady came back with them in a darker wash, in THE EXACT SAME STYLE, so I tried them on (obviously).

I shit you not, they didn't even come up my hip halfway. There was no dancing and wiggling into these ones over my booty.

I needed AT LEAST 2 sizes bigger. I was shook, and started laughing with the store employee and my mom.

If this isn't a perfect example on why sizing doesn't mean SHIT, I dunno what is.

So why are you stressing about the little number on the tag?

Would you stress about the fact that the jeans stated "long" or "short" on that same tag? No? Well, isn't that the same thing? It's just getting what fits YOUR body!

Here's your reminder that clothes are made to fit YOU, you are not made to fit into that predetermined slab of fabric.

I'm sure those other jeans will fit another woman beautifully, and her body is just as worthy and amazing as mine.

Yes, it's a privilege to be able to buy new jeans. Yes, it's a privilege to be able to shop in a store without plus-sizing, and have many options available, but the message is the same... if you can get out there an find a pair of jeans that make you feel good, you can show up as a more lively and confident version of yourself.

Stuffing yourself into a pair of jeans because you refuse to size up, ain't helping anyone. That makes my mood GARBAAAAGE for the day, as I am uncomfortable.

Babe, go out there and try on a variety of clothes. Hit up value village and thrift stores if you'd like to save money. I get jeans there lots too <3.

In this case, SIZE DOESN'T MATTER!

If feeling good in your body and clothes seems far fetched right now, I can help! Check out my new nutrition and confidence coaching program here.

If changing your perspective is what you're after, read this!

Nervous to gain weight? Check this out.

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