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Why Dating is Like Dieting: Part 2

While I am no relationship expert, I have been on about 100 first dates (it feels like, haha).

So, listen... why is dating a crappy person like dieting? - from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

  1. Chasing the next best thing

We think that the next one we start on will be the one that makes us happy. The one that makes us feel fulfilled, and comfortable in ourselves. Well, that's a nice thought... except this is internal work you must do. There is no "next best thing." There is no cheat code. You must work on YOU in both instances. Which leads me to my next point.

2. Not honouring yourself

Dieting pulls us away from honouring our hunger, fullness, and satiation levels. We must do what it says to keep "on track." And falling off-track means we have to start all over again! And who wants to go back to the internet to find the next best thing (dating apps, dieting ads, etc)? If you are in a crappy or abusive relationship, this may hit.

Are you hiding how you actually feel because this "should work" and you "should be happy?" You're finally in a relationship, or you're finally losing some weight. However, something doesn't feel quite right..?

3. They both take up a lot of brain space and can cause anxiety

When you wake up, when you go to sleep and every free moment in between, you are overanalyzing everything that went well or poorly that day. "I overate." "I texted him too many times." "Am I scaring him away?" "I shouldn't have eaten that." "Tomorrow, I will be better."

Sound familiar?

Well, the good thing is, there are healthy relationships, and there are ways to get a healthy relationship with food and your body as well.

Intuitive Eating is the way to honour yourself, avoid looking for the next best thing, and find peace around food. Check out how I can help, here!!

As for finding a healthy relationship, I'll let cha know when I figure that one out ;).

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