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My name is Deanna Balberman and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I love travel, coffee, peanut butter and dancing around (in the kitchen and the gym). 

Over the past two years, I have been helping dozens of women feel confident in their bodies & life! (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

Raise your hand if…

I see you, girl. And lemme let you in on a little secret. Your relationship with food doesn’t have to be complicated! If you want to take charge of your health, you need to drop the “dieting thing”....and I can help you with that! 

New rule: never diet again…

→ Do you want to improve your health, without cutting out your favourite foods? (yes it’s possible)


→ Are you are fed up with restrictive diets, and ready to try something new? 


→ Do you want to switch your focus from how you LOOK, to how you FEEL?


→ Are you ready to let go of your obsession with food/losing weight, and start focusing on living a happy and fulfilling life?


Quadruple yes? Then this is the place for you!


Let me introduce you real quick to The Glow Project

This 4-month online intuitive eating & mindset course will EMPOWER you to feel alive, energized and confident (without relying on a scale)!


What makes this course different? I’ve created a proven holistic wellness strategy that blends intuitive eating principles with foundational mindset work. 


This course will help you learn how to respect your body, honour your hunger, and create a sustainable wellness plan for YOUR LIFE! (this is not a one-size fits all action-plan!)


Here’s how we do it around here….

When you join The Glow Project, you get way more than “just nutrition coaching.” Here’s what you can look forward to after saying “sign me up!”....

  • Weekly group coaching calls that will teach you the fundamentals of intuitive eating, and a healthy mindset (ask aalllll your questions!)

  • Weekly wellness challenges to help you learn how to make peace with your food, feel your fullness, and challenge the “food police”

  • Two bonus 1:1 calls with yours truly, to help you get laser-focused on your goals and overcome any challenges

  • Accountability and support from a private community of women who “get it” (you’re never alone!)

  • Lifetime access to The Glow Project resources – I’ve got your back!


Want in on this? Let’s chat! – book a quick 15-min call here!


[OK, this is exactly what I need!]


Created for the woman who wants to ditch the dieting, like yesterday.


“But Deanna! If I stop dieting, I won’t stop eating!”


– This is a common fear when people first hear about intuitive eating. So let me reassure you…

Once you get in touch with your inner intuitive eater, you will be able to eat what you want, when you want…meaning, you will not feel the need to binge (“the forbidden fruit effect” is real!). 


With intuitive eating, food will eventually lose its good or bad labels, and  “cheat” or “treat” foods will become neutral as well!


Intuitive Eating will….
  • Give you permission to eat any and all foods

  • Encourage eating for physical reasons (rather than emotional reasons)

  • Teach you how to rely on internal hunger and satiety (rather than external “rules”)

  • Allow you to use nutrition and exercise as a gentle guide, rather than a strict protocol


Still wondering if The Glow Project is for “right” you? 


Here’s what you can expect after applying The Glow Project principles into your life:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Less emotional eating and binging

  • Improved key health markers (blood pressure, cholesterol)

  • Heightened body appreciation and body acceptance

  • Freedom from guilt, shame, and obsession about food

  • Increased appreciation of movement and exercise

  • A deeper sense of trust and understanding about your own body’s cues

  • Less negative self-talk


Are you in, or what?


“Intuitive Eating has completely changed my relationship with food for the better! I am no longer obsessed about food (when to eat it, what I am eating, what is next). I have been successfully working to remove the pedestal from certain foods, and I’ve just been eating what makes me feel good.” 

“Brag coming in hot - I worked out today in a gym with mostly male athletes, and I wore a long-line sports bra and leggings, and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I am proud of me, and it didn’t feel weird.”

“My forbidden foods have lose their appeal completely!”

"Being able to wear a bikini to the beach this summer without constantly worrying about how I looked was a liberating feeling I never thought I'd experience. As for food I'd always been restrictive and had a lot of fear foods. Working with Dea we addressed those fears and although it was scary at first, I'm able to practice intuitive eating and don't feel sad or upset when eating my old fear foods... I never thought it would be possible to feel confident and build a loving and accepting relationship with both my body and food."

I am ALL in to learn more! Let's have a free coffee chat.

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