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Free & Feminine

Say hello to your feminine side…..


Release guilt and shame, step into pleasure, align with your authentic self, and embrace your feminine energy!

Reclaim Your Feminine Power

“Perform! Produce! Persevere!” – we live in a society that pushes us to STRIVE and STRAIN in order to get results. But for many of us, all that stress is leading to burnout. In order to bring ourselves into harmonious balance, we need to honour our feminine energy, and create more space for BLISS in our lives.

Payment plans available, message me. 

Sound familiar?...

  • You feel guilty for taking time for yourself, as if prioritizing self-care is somehow selfish or indulgent.

  • You've been drifting through life, merely existing with the thought of waiting for the inevitable, rather than actively living and savoring the pleasures that each day can offer.

  • You seek answers and validation externally, constantly looking outside of yourself for approval, fulfillment, or direction.

  • When it comes to your sexuality and pleasure, you've been going through the motions, totally disconnected from your desires and needs.


  • You've been living in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety, struggling to find moments of peace and contentment in your daily life.

  • You catch yourself playing the comparison game with others, because you are not comfortable with where you are at. Social media is triggering. 

Photoshoot examples by Shoebox Sarah

This Could Be You

By connecting to your feminine energy, you will...

What does an over-reliance on masculine energy do?

  • Experience daily bliss and erotic self-empowerment

  • Access a deeper level of pleasure and enhance your sense of self-confidence

  • Create a life that reflects your genuine values and desires

  • Surrender to the flow of life and release control 

  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition

  • Attract your manifestations and feel worthy of your desires

So go for it, lady! – Because when you reclaim your feminine power, you liberate yourself to experience a life filled with PLEASURE and BLISS!

Why does an over-reliance on masculine energy make us feel drained and disconnected from our true selves?

Masculine energy is all about PRODUCTIVITY, OUTPUT, and LOGIC. And while none of these things are “wrong,” many of us have forgotten how to tap into our creativity, vulnerability, and pleasure. 


We start to feel GUILTY about prioritizing our own pleasure, because society tells us we should be ACHIEVING all the time. Meaning….we ignore our own desires, in favour of playing the people-pleaser card.

Here’s the crazy-good news….

Re-balancing with feminine energy brings back a deep sense of vitality, joy and serenity! Meaning….you are on the doorstep of a DEEPER sense of fulfilment, and all kinds of sparkle. 

– OK, but how??

Introducing Free & Feminine

November 7 - December 5


Your journey to embrace and amplify your feminine energy…all in a 1-month, online group coaching program, hosted by yours truly!


It’s like a women’s retreat….without having to book a flight, or spend thousands of dollars for a month away!

Wanna see what’s inside? 
(4 Calls with these pros valued at $900+ )


Week 1 What is Feminine Energy?

During our first week together, we dive into the core concepts of masculine and feminine energy, along with key characteristics of “wounded feminine” energy.

Week 2 Tapping Into Your Sexual Desires

In week 2, sex therapist Taylor McConnachie turns up the heat with a discussion about sexual desire, and what you can do to enhance your relationship with your own pleasure. Things are going to get steamy.


Week 3 Connecting With Your Feminine Flow

In Week 3, we explore how to synchronize with your body’s natural rhythm, uncovering the profound relationship between hormones, and your: mind, body, diet, exercise, work, and sexuality.

Week 4 Freeing Yourself From Guilt & Shame

In our final week together, we close things out with a 1:1 call, so that you can release any guilt and shame around owning your feminine energy, and experiencing daily bliss. (For some this may be before week 4 due to scheduling).

The Free & Feminine Community is a SAFE SPACE to talk about “taboo topics” that might feel uncomfortable or awkward, to talk about with friends! This community will support you in your journey toward self-discovery, and empowerment! – without shame, or silencing!

Bonus: Let's talk extras

Because I love a cherry on top!

In addition to our LIVE calls, you get a treasure trove of special add-ons valued at $1,014.74 ($898 + tax)!


> VIP Girls Night Out at a local sex shop
(value: $250+)

Enjoy a private shopping experience at a local sex shop, Get Some Adult Lifestyle Boutique, exclusive to the Free & Feminine community. You get a 20% discount on all your purchases!

> Private Photo Shoot (value: $350-$400+)

Experience a private photo shoot, at a local stunning studio (Sun Room Studios) with Sarah Evans! Receive 30-mins of one-on-one time with a professional photographer. Plus, you get a free spray tan from Tan On The Run, to make you feel extra special before the shoot!


> Slack Support (value: $149+)

Stay connected and engaged with our Free & Feminine community, through our dedicated Slack group! Share, discuss, and connect with fellow participants. This channel is always GOING OFF with amazing insights, resources, and cheerleading. It’s one of my favourite parts of group programs.


> Bonus Resources (value: $99+)

Access to curated playlists, multimedia recommendations, and a PDF of daily feminine inspiration, to enhance your journey and continue your self-discovery.


[What? Heck yes!]


“Working through this stuff with you has made it so much less uncomfy, even [when] it is incredibly uncomfortable” -Christina

"You have a very real approach to life which has a ripple effect on your clients by making them feel comfortable to be theirselves fully." - Alyssa


Payment plans available, just ask.

Meet the Coaches

Learn from the Pros

I am the type of woman who invests in myself to become a more authentic me.

Sounds great, how much is it?

I want this course to be accessible to anyone who is ready to tap into the TRUE FEMININE POWER. This is also a Beta test of a larger program launching in January 2024. Which is why this program is both discounted AND going to be jammed with special offers!!  

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll save $248!!!

Was: $999 + HST

Now: $751 + HST

Payment plans available. Just ask!




Client Wins!

"I feel like you take your life and turn it into a lesson for us. You are open about your own personal struggles and if you have been there, you relate to us. I have never been so comfortable telling someone my deepest secrets." - Sarah

"My self worth has increased SO much. Your belief in me has helped me to realize my potential and achieve what I want so badly." - Lindsay

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for anyone who identifies as a woman, and is ready to embrace the magic of feminine energy. 


Can you guarantee results? Is there a refund policy?

If you wholeheartedly commit to your transformation, and diligently follow the process, you will experience remarkable success. Your success is in your hands, and it's your responsibility to take the necessary actions to propel yourself forward. As a result, because of the unique nature of this online product/program, we do not offer refunds.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

The time and effort you invest in the course depend on your commitment to implementing the actions discussed in each live lesson. On average, I recommend setting aside a couple hours per week to concentrate on your personal growth and transformation.

What if I'm unable to attend the Live Group Coaching calls?

While I always encourage joining the calls live for the group energy, direct access to me, and the opportunity to have your questions addressed in real time, I understand that scheduling conflicts can arise. You'll still have access to the group call replays via Slack. 


What day is the photoshoot and spray tan?

The shoot day will be decided based on the date the majority can make. We will be booking the studio out for multiple hours, so it will be set up and good to go back-to-back. If you cannot make that date, we will find an alternative with Sarah (our lovely photographer). The tan will be however many days prior to the shoot the owner recommends, so that it is glowy. And no, it doesn’t make you orange, promise! 

What if I have more questions or live out of town? 

If you have more questions about this program or if it's a good fit for you, please book a 1:1 consult here or send me a DM @vitamin.dea or email If you live out of town, but want to get in on the online part of the program, please send me a message. I can still help! 

How do I sign up? 

Press the button below to hold your spot. Once paid, I will reach out to you and get you all set up on our platform! So excited to have you here.

Payment plans available, just ask.

It's going to be like a women's retreat... for a month, without leaving the country and booking time off!! Let's go, you deserve it.

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