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Deanna in a kitchen with cutting board and food

Here at Vitamin Dea, we discuss:

Body, Mind, Movement - Sunshine

hello sunshine!

I'm Deanna

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Enlifted Level 2 Mindset Coach, and “certified” Chatty Cathy (haha)! I am also an honours graduate from Western University.

Additionally, I am an ex-competitive dancer, CrossFitter, yoga lover, avid traveler, baker, crazy dog lady, coffee enthusiast, and a dang good friend. My favourite food group is anything chocolate and peanut butter <3. Don't burst my bubble.

My practice is anti-shaming and full of positivity! This world has enough shame and fatphobia, and I WILL NOT be a part of it. I use a Health at Every Size approach, and understand that you can be healthy at every size. You can be strong at every size. You are ENOUGH at every size.

I love everything about fitness/nutrition/mindset and want to share my love with the world!

energy balls

Dea's Four Pillars of Health

digestion and body


mind and brain


movement, yoga


sun outline


energy balls

Deanna gave me manageable and maintainable goals that will help me beyond the 6 weeks. This is the first time in 30 years that I went into the holiday season with no guilt...That in itself speaks to her abilities. I had a great time chatting and laughing with her every week! I am leaving her program with a shift in mindset and a much more positive attitude.

I would beat myself up so badly that I could never truly enjoy Thanksgiving with family. This year was SO different. I happily enjoyed whatever I wanted to eat with no guilt, and appreciating rest days from lifting & running. It was so good for the soul, and wanted to thank you for being that little voice in my head reminding me to just enjoy life without being consumed by body guilt. 🧡

“I sought Deanna’s program as I had been dealing with chronic constipation for almost my whole life, as well as stomach pain, stress, dairy intolerance and hormone imbalances. I was shocked at how quickly I started to experience relief, my life long battle with constipation is over. I have been more energetic, less stressed & in less pain- I feel great! 

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