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Facing Your Fears

This morning I was having a very real conversation in my DMs with a young woman who is suffering from major binges. She is under-eating and overexercising daily.

This causes her to binge, because her body is trying to keep her alive. She is burning so many calories, and her body is not getting nearly enough energy (calories) to keep up. Because of this, the only way it can get fed is by extreme cravings and alerts to her brain to keep eating. It is in starvation mode at all times.

She is scared to ask for help, because she is scared to gain weight.

Sometimes I forget that this is the main reason I didn't ask for help either.

So I had to give her some hard truth (and this is true for most things) - You have to weigh out if the pain you are in now is worse than the possible discomfort later.

So I ask you - whenever you are put in a position like this. Weigh out if it's truly worse than staying exactly where you are.

This can go for anything. Going back to school to get a job you actually like? It takes time, effort, and a lot of money. But is staying where you are more painful than the temporary discomfort of heading towards where you want to go?

Journal Prompt: Write down where you want to be that you are afraid of facing. Is the pain of staying the same worse than tackling it head on?

If you are ready to face your fears around food, check out The Glow Project !

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