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I'm Sorry: A Poem For the Hard Times

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry if someone let their fears take over, and allowed you take the blame. I'm sorry you had to break up with yourself.

I'm sorry they were too distracted to see the way you light up a room.

I'm sorry if they don't answer their phone when they said, "this time will be different."

I'm sorry for the time they pushed themselves on you, when you said you weren't in the mood.

I'm sorry you are hurting.

I'm sorry if you never get the closure you deserve.

I'm sorry for them: That they missed out on you.

I'm sorry if you have ever changed your outfit, so they could feel comfortable.

I'm sorry if you ever played small, so they could feel big. When you didn't wear the heels, so they could feel tall.

I'm sorry if you felt like "too much," because they were giving too little.

I'm sorry if they belittled you, so they could feel smart. Laughing at the expense of you, instead of with you.

I'm sorry if you silenced yourself for them.

I'm sorry if you ever extinguished your sparkler trying to light theirs.

I'm sorry darling, because you deserve so, so much more. Stop settling for "good enough."

I'm sorry... you think that's all you deserve.

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Christina King
Christina King
23 de jun. de 2023

This is absolutely beautiful Dea 🤍

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