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Identify However The F*ck You Want: Pride Month

pride attendee in rainbow and sparkles

I’ve got a question for you.

Why the actual F do you care what other people identify as?

It literally has NOTHING to do with you.

That person is out in the world trying to find a way for themselves to feel comfortable in their body and life.

Again, it has NOTHING to do with you.

They are looking for a community to feel A PART of, as they have likely felt APART from the rest of society for a very long time.

Sure, some people think we don’t need to "label" everything… and I see your point. ANNNND, I know that having a name for something helps you connect with others in the same boat 🛶.

The Cambridge Dictionary claims "identity" can mean, "the fact of being or feeling the same."

pride sign on cardboard

And honestly, it can be very helpful to our psyche to feel a part of a group. That "sameness" feels like home. For example, when I discovered I had ADHD, it helped me have a name for what I was experiencing. Once I had that name, I felt like I could find my people in the ADHD and Neurodivergent communities. I could also then seek out resources and support.

Do I NEED to identify as someone with ADHD? No. One may say that it doesn't really matter to have a title for how my brain works - That we all work differently. However, it helps me have a better understanding of who I am, how I show up in the world, and how to be my best self. Additionally, it gives me the language to explain to others where I need extra support, and where I thrive.

Learning more about yourself is always helpful. Please don't let others stand in the way of that.

Whether you are identifying as a different gender, sexuality, or anything else, I welcome you to do so.

**This comes with the small caveat that it doesn't hurt another group objectively. For example, pretending to be a different race like Rachel Dolezal who pretended to be black. I won't get into why blackface does not fit into my argument. If you want to debate this, we have bigger fish to fry. Just take a peak at the history of minstrel shows , and maybe also racism in general, before you dive into discussion [read:argument] with me.

The overarching theme here is... if it has nothing to do with you, shut up and let that person LIVE.

Gay, trans, bi, pan, heteroflexible, non-binary, woman, man... don't care! You are perfect to me. I will see you for how you show up in the world, and how you choose to identify. I will call you by the pronouns you ask for. I will honour your wishes.

Happy Pride month babies!

Share love, light and understanding. ✨💫

Sharing hate and discrimination is not welcomed on my site or in my presence.

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