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How to Get Your Peach to the Gym

There are 2 types of people at the gym...

Please see them to the left.

  1. I took 7 pre-workouts!!! WOOOOO! Let's GETTTTTTTTT IT!!! Rise and grind. No pain, no gain.

  2. Do I gotta do dis? Me nap here?

Lol, at least, this is what it feels like.

Is everyone else motivated all the time?

Does everyone else in here like this?

Am I the only one who would rather be on my couch cuddling my dog?

You are not alone if you are #2 or you rotate between these two.

If you are someone who menstruates, you might be more type #1 at the beginning/middle of your cycle, and type #2 at the second half of your cycle.

So, here's some ways to inspire to get your bum to the gym.

  1. Find a gym buddy

Finding someone to go with, can be very helpful. That way, you make appointments, and follow through on them. You can also have someone to talk to while you're there to make it fun!

2. Try something new

Try a group class, go to a climbing gym, hop on a piece of equipment you've never tried before. Switch it up. You may be uninspired, because your workouts are as bland as dry, white bread. Spice it up!

3. Get a coach or program

Before you protest - they can actually be very inexpensive. If you need hard-core accountability, find ways to rearrange your financial priorities, to invest. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, you can find a million programs online for cheap!!

4. Train for something

Find something to work towards. Something you care about. I did this during the pandemic with a 1/2 marathon. If I didn't have that goal, there was 0% chance I would be running in the rain and on days I "didn't feel like it."

5. Create a dope-ass playlist!

Nothing gets me going like a FIRE playlist. Put all your fave songs on a playlist. Start listening to it as you get ready and drive there.

8. Start Small

If you are new to the gym and this routine, or haven't been in forever, start SMALL. Commit to something that is too simple not to do. Ex, 10 push ups or a 5 minute walk on the treadmill. If that's all you do, great! It got you in the door. You are now creating a habit of showing up. It will build from here. Every rep counts.

7. Have your gym clothes ready

If you have them laid out, there's less chance of you bailing. Put them beside your bed. Put them in your work bag. Put them ANYWHERE, so you put them on your damn body later.

BONUS: Find a gym with hot members ;)

This is kinda a joke, but also... I am kinda serious. It works for me!

If all else fails, get a new pair of Lulu tights and hope for the best.

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