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I Could Die Tomorrow

The news over the past week has seemed even more tragic than usual.

With the death of Shelby Neale (age 27) near Brantford, and the shooting of 19 children (aged 9-10) + 2 teachers in Texas, I am in shock.

It's hard to even know what to say about these tragedies.

A wild storm while camping, and a wild storm inside someone's mind, have created unavoidable heartbreak, ricocheting around North America.

I am shook to my core.

It is easy to feel invincible as a healthy 26-year-old, but now it is inescapable to recognize my temporality.

I am impermanently on this Earth. I could be removed tomorrow.

And, this is not meant to be dark. This is my wake-up call.

I need not take today for granted. As cliche as it may seem, I do want to live each day as if it were my last. I want to find beauty in every single day.

It reminds me that it is ok to not spend all of my time on work. To go out with my friends, celebrate their weddings, and hug all of my loved ones.

It puts a fire under my butt to do something every day that I can be proud of. It encourages me to help more people, be present, and be grateful.

For today could be my last.

What a privilege it is to still be alive and writing this.

I am sending all of the love in my heart to those hurting right now.

You are all miracles. <3

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