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Keeping Your [Mental] Cool While Away this Summer

Away for the weekend and feeling yucky?

In May, I have spent more days out of my house and routine, than in it.

After going to Israel for nearly two weeks, attending a wedding, spending time at my cottage, and going away for a bachelorette weekend, my body has felt a little sub-par to say the least.

However, I will say that this is probably the best that I have felt while away and eating meals that other people have planned. AND, it was still difficult.

Stomach aches from eating certain foods that disagree with me, overeating, under-exercising (compared to my normal), and drinking more alcohol than usual, left me feeling sluggish, bloated, and mentally uneasy.

Looking back, here are some things that helped me, or would have helped me feel my best while away:

1. Keep up as much routine as you can If you normally meditate or journal in the morning, stick with that.

2. Continue some form of movement (without using it as punishment)

Movement absolutely helps with regulating our mental health, and can get things moving (pun intended) in our digestive tract.

3. If you have food intolerances or preferences, tell the leader or bring some of your own snacks

I don’t want this to be a flashback to when you were on a diet and had to bring all your pre-portioned meals. I am suggesting some fruit, veggies, or even protein bars to keep you feeling your best!

4. Bring your supplements/medication and take them

If probiotics, digestive enzymes, ginger chews or anything else helps you, be sure to bring them with you!

5. Tell a friend if you are struggling

Many times, you are not alone. It helps to get things out of your head. If that “friend” is a pad of paper and a pen, hit it up!! Stewing in discomfort is not helpful.

6. Remember to breathe

One trip is not going to ruin all of your mental or physical progress. Stressing about the situation is not only going to make your body react more, it will keep you from enjoying the moment with your loved ones!

7. Bring water

Dehydration can feel like fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, feeling extremely hot, lightheadedness and more. Beware of the signs, and always carry a water bottle.


If you are struggling mentally or physically, and this hit a nerve, I have a few spots for 1:1 clients right now. Send me an email at or a DM @vitamin.dea on Instagram.

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