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Let's Taco Bout It: Disordered Eating

Picture this: You go out for dinner with your girlfriends.

You tell yourself, "you should be good and have the salad." So, you order the boring a$$ salad.

Your friends get burgers and fries, pasta, and bowls with rice and chicken. You feel envious and wonder if they are judging your choice or thinking, "she is being so good." You are so distracted the whole dinner looking at their plates, dreaming of eating what they have. You have to remind yourself to look up at their faces, instead of just at their plates. You are lost in thought, and far from present.

So when the server comes over to ask about dessert, you say "no thank you, I'm ok."

But, you're far from ok.

Some of your friends get dessert with their second glasses of wine, and one gets a specialty coffee. You slowly sip on your first 6 oz glass of wine, because you cannot afford the extra calories. You think "God, she can eat anything. I hate her." And you tell yourself the classic phrase: "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

You continue to be "well behaved."

That is... until you get home...

It is now 9pm on a Friday night, and the house is dark and empty. Your partner is out with the boys.

You walk into the kitchen. And all hell breaks loose.

You find the chocolate you stashed away from Christmas. "Just one."

But, that one... turns into 3. Standing in the dark, at the kitchen counter.

Now, you've really done it.

You feel guilt seep into your bones.

You've already ruined everything, so you want to pair your sweet treat, with a salty snack. Except, you don't allow many snacks into your house, so you find some salted crackers.

And since you're already doing it, and need to make yourself feel better, you pour yourself your second glass of wine (much larger than the first), and sit on the couch with your crackers. You put on Netflix, and after one episode of Love is Blind, you realize you mindlessly ate the whole package of crackers.

"How did that happen? I barely tasted them! I clearly can't be trusted around food. At least they are gone though, because tomorrow, I must start fresh."

And, so you do.

You start the day with a longer run than usual, and an egg-white omelette, with no toast of course (because you ate way too many carbs last night).

~And so begins the cycle.~

Until... you meet me.

[Insert The Glow Project here]

Because I've worked with you. Well, maybe not you, but dozens of women exactly like you.

And the truth is, one of my clients went out for dinner with the same thought last week: "I should be good and have the salad."


Instead of the salad, she ordered the food she truly knew she desired. The one that would satiate her, and fill her up - fish tacos.

She practiced the mindful eating techniques I taught the group that week, and enjoyed her tacos. AND the company of her friends. She was so in-tune with everything going on - conversation, satiation, and fullness, so she realized she was full after 2 tacos. She packed up the 3rd one to-go.

Because she knew.

She knew she had permission to eat any and all foods at all times. She knew how to listen to her body. She knew how to trust her body and mind. She knew and believed in the process of Intuitive Eating.

And well, she knew that what she was doing on and off for years prior, didn't work. Something had to change.

So, she changed.

If you can related to this woman, please go check out The Glow Project, and send me a message on here, on my email or on Instagram @vitamin.dea.

We can set up a free call to see if and how I can help you.

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